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Welcome to brings over 20 years of experience in selecting and blending enzymes and friendly bacteria to solid waste and wastewater management.
Used in organic waste management and freshwater treatment, our blends will work with your business and the environment in increasing productivity, decreasing nutrient loads, gaining water recycling and reducing odours.

How we can help you... EBB+ is a selected blend of naturally occurring enzymes and probiotic bacteria used to improve the health of fresh and clear water environments through the reduction of waste nutrient loading.

EBB+ is applied to:

  • Waste water dams on agricultural properties
  • Dams and ponds on golf courses or parks that suffer from high nutrient build up and clouding
  • Manure ponds
  • Drinking dams
  • Waste pits in abattoirs
  • Waste bio oil and grease traps in commercial businesses
  • Septic tanks
  • Watershed contamination