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A Natural Approach

Nutrient load in waterways, ponds and dams is the root cause of the algae, odour and turbidity in water that stops us from enjoying our environment. Pathogens commence creating odorous gasses, algae creates surface cover and a nutrient cycle, oxygen levels fall and nutrient is loaded as sludge sediment to the bed of the waterway.

The solution is not algaecide, chemicals or constant dredging or flushing. This does not remove the problem, and usually just create others. The solution is to use natures tools, selected naturally occurring enzymes and friendly bacteria, to treat the problem itself. The nutrient load. To breakdown and digest the nutrients, combat the pathogens and reintroduce dissolved oxygen into the system.

A pond thick with nutrient is returned to a blue waterway where fish and wildlife can thrive. The evidence of past states becomes just a thing film of minerals on the bottom of the lake. Even this is greatly reduced by the work of the enzymes. Then continue with a healthy natural maintenance program to keep the environ in balance.

The Biotic Blends are 100% natural and safe for animal and human

Some aquatic environs are harsher than others with greater nutrient turnover. Manure pits and lagoons, abattoir facilities, grease traps and septic tanks. The principles and processes of bioremediation remain essentially the same, it is the EBB blend and applications that vary. Talk with us about how this applies to your situation and how a natural solution is a faster, more efficient, more cost effective and better solution for you, your business and the environment.