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EBB+ (Enzyme Pro-Biotic Blend +) will provide a natural non-chemical solution to the remediation of aquatic environs. EBB+ is a selection of naturally occurring enzymes and friendly bacteria that when introduced to a body of water, digests the nutrients,aerates the water and balances the pH to bring the aquatic environment back to a bioremediated state.

Biotic Blend Product: EBB+

EBB+ is a blend of friendly bacteria and enzymes intended to be used in the assist the process of natural bioremediation of aquatic environs. The EBB+ is mixed with water and applied directly. The Biotic blends are 100% natural and safe for animal and human contact. The biotic blends used are approved by AQIS for use in the environment.

sizes available: 1kg bags - 200gm tubs - 100gm tubs

Biotic Blend Product: EBB+ Hi Pro

For indoor use. Ebb + has an odour during application from the papain enzyme. This odour should dissipate quickly as the blend goes to work. For treatment where no initial odour is preferable, we have replaced the papain enzymes with increased quantities of other highly active protease. This should not noticeably affect the way the blend achieves results.

sizes available: 1kg bags - 200gm tubs - 100gm tubs