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About Us

Biotic Blend Pty Ltd was launched in 2012 bringing together over twenty years of experience in the application of naturally occurring enzymes and friendly bacteria to the bioremediation of natural aquatic environs.

Our team has access to a wide range of enzymes and friendly bacteria, grown by us, and specifically for us, in GM approved facilities. Through years of research we are able to select and blend the ideal ingredients and strains that will work act together as a solution to your problem returning balance to the environment being treated.

Biotic Blend Pty Ltd has access to the facilities and expertise to tailor a blend to your industry or in the case of larger waterways, your specific environment. We provide feedback on the monitoring the progress of the bio-remediation schedule and formulate an ongoing maintenance program to maintain low nutrient loads and a balanced aquatic environ.

We will work with you in initial assessment, application and maintenance.

Nutrient load, odour, blue green algae, build up of solids, build up of pathogens and sediment sludge require a hands on approach from an experienced team. Contact us today to discuss applications for your industry or specific problem.

Blend products are cultured and packaged specifically for Biotic Blend and imported under AQIS permit for use in the environment.